Parabolic bridges the gap between the healing process and sports performance. Its doctorate-level physical therapists and nationally certified sports performance coaches work symbiotically to treat and strengthen each client to maximize their individual potential. They lead the field with practices that are sought after by professional athletes and trainers alike. These professionals are trained to identify and correct their clients’ individual physical limitations—the movements that have been keeping their peak performance at bay– even absent an injury. This level of training has, until now, been reserved for only the most elite athletes. Parabolic is dedicated to bringing its expertise to the general public. The driving philosophy behind Parabolic is that a personal investment in proper bodily movement and balance will unleash maximum physical potential. It offers individualized attention and small class environments where the client is fully evaluated and provided a specialized program. This program is personalized for each client; incorporating their strengths, limitations, and goals into each efficient and purpose-oriented workout. Each workout is monitored and routinely adjusted to achieve an optimal outcome. In this way, Parabolic’s clients–like their professional athlete counterparts–are able to return from injury and reach their peak physical potential. Parabolic currently operates six state-of-the-art facilities: Fairfield, Hackensack, Little Falls, Montclair, New Providence and Wayne New Jersey.

Core Values

#1 The client experience is our first priority

Our clients feel respected and valued from the moment they open the door. Our environment is friendly, and our clients’ time is spent purposefully.

#2 Leave it better than you found it

We are Parabolic. Our actions represent our pride in the company. We treat each other and our work environment with the same respect that we treat our customers.

#3 Challenge Complacency

We seek constant improvement—in our business, our services and ourselves. We hire an elite staff and support their journey to excel through education, risk-taking and learning from mistakes. We ask ourselves, “how can I do this better?” in every aspect of our day and then we take action to improve it.

#4 Always Deliver More Than Expected

Our products are better because we over-deliver. We expect every client to be wowed every time they visit

Direct Access

The state of New Jersey allows direct access to physical therapy. This means that, as a patient, you can come directly to Parabolic Performance and Rehabilitation following an injury or if you’ve been suffering from a nagging problem and finally want to have it addressed. One of our Doctors of Physical Therapy will perform a thorough evaluation of your dysfunction, and, with your input, formulate a plan of care and goals tailored to your specific needs. On the day of your evaluation, you will begin to receive treatment and will be given a corrective exercise program to address any limitations found on examination. This will allow you to get back on the road to recovery starting on day one, and expedite your return to pain-free living. By having “Direct Access” to our team of physical therapists, you eliminate wasted time waiting for referrals, as well as the out-of-pocket expense of a visit to your primary care physician or orthopedist.

Parabolic Locations


111 Midtown Bridge Approach
Hackensack, NJ 07601


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Little Falls

One Arena Dr.
Little Falls, NJ 07424


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15 Bloomfield Ave
Montclair, NJ 07042


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