Parabolic is proud to announce a new facility opening in Manalapan, NJ

Opening Summer 2017

Parabolic bridges the gap between the healing process and sports performance. Its Doctorate-level physical therapists and nationally certified sports performance coaches work symbiotically to treat and strengthen each client to maximize their individual potential. They lead the field with practices that are sought after by professional athletes and trainers alike. These professionals are trained to identify and correct their clients’ individual physical limitations—the movements that have been keeping their peak performance at bay– even absent an injury.


The mission for the Parabolic NFL Draft Prep program is to provide a position specific and a personalized training experience for every athlete who comes through our doors. The goal is to drive each athlete up the draft board, up the depth chart and to extend and enhance careers by providing a world-class experience.


Parabolic Performance and Rehab has some of New Jersey’s top physical therapists and sports medicine experts. Our physical therapists hold Doctorates of Physical Therapy and are experts in a wide array of leading-edge therapies and treatments. We employ comprehensive and innovative techniques to relieve pain, improve muscle strength, restore range of motion and flexibility, and enhance balance and coordination.

Meet Our Team

The people who work at Parabolic are what makes us unique. Our expert staff of therapists and coaches, along with administrative staff’s support, make the environment warm and inviting for you, while making the most of our time together.